Private Memo Reveals Level of Anger Trump Campaign has with Media, Establishment

Bennet raised a good point when he said that these “idiotic attacks just remind voters why they hate the Washington Establishment.” And the polls don't lie. If everybody truly hated Trump, then he wouldn't be so far ahead of the race.

Bennett, a frequent presence on television, also lashed out at political opponents for having “scurried” onto the cable-news airwaves to offer at times scathing critiques of the Trump campaign, whether it was over its delegate-accumulation strategy or Trump's ability to win a general election.

Bennett described what he saw as a flurry of negative commentary as something almost conspiratorial, saying “the media themselves couldn’t wait to label the week, ‘THE WORST WEEK EVER.’”

“Yet another pathetic display by the so called experts who line their pockets at the expense of our candidates and causes,” Bennett wrote.

The “internal campaign memorandum,” addressed to “Corey and Team,” was given to the Post by a Republican familiar with the campaign who requested anonymity to pass on a communication from within Trump’s inner circle.

When reached by phone, Bennett confirmed that he wrote the memo and sent it to his colleagues in the campaign.

While Trump is taking these attacks in stride, it's his campaign workers that are suffering. The petty squabbling by Republicans has left a strong divide in the party. Establishment politicians are now telling Trump's campaign workers that they'll “never work in this town again”. We'll see who has the last laugh.





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