President Trump’s Budget Requires Work for Food Stamps

President Trump’s Budget Requires Work for Food Stamps

Dormant for nearly a decade, the requirement to work for any welfare benefits is making a comeback under the Trump administration.  During the Obama era of work less, you didn't build that, welfare will help you catch up on old chores, unemployment is good for bringing families closer, etc., the portion of the American people geared toward staying home and awaiting that check from Uncle Sam, ended up ballooning the welfare rolls from the year 2000 when it was 17 million to the current numbers in 2017 at over 50 million!  That is the equivalent of 1/8th of the population of the United States living on some sort of assistance, with 100% of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) being shouldered by the American taxpayer.

The numbers are staggering and continued to rise throughout the Obama years where it appeared that the former president gauged his success by how many people he could ensnare through the wiles of U.S. governmental assistance.  In fact, the main thrust of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or ObamaCare was to register as many people as possible in the Medicaid program so that the numbers of those signing up for the mandatory healthcare plan was artificially perceived as being popular and successful.  Unfortunately for those who were to fall for the experiment in social control, the program was never designed to be successful.  So completely unsuccessful was the ObamaCare venture that most of the carriers and exchanges halted their participation in the first year of actual implementation.  Corporate businesses the country over used the mandates to convert to the new set of rules designed to punish the larger corporations as an excuse to cut their hours and employee rolls before the individual mandates had even been instituted in order to avoid violations of the federal law.  In essence, the entire viable economic machine that was American capitalism came to a grinding halt and continued to lie in stagnation and dormancy due to the draconian strictures of the Affordable Care Act.

These welfare-instilling chokeholds on the economy led to the single greatest rise in government assistance benefits being doled out by a fed laser-focused on enslaving an entire populace in generational perpetuity.  The Trump administration took the bull by the horns just this week and intends on forcing that entire runaway train of dependence and entitlement off its tracks before it begins to build a mass transit system designed to streamline a work-for-welfare food stamp program that will benefit every American.

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