President Trump Threatens ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Federal Investigation

President Trump went on a tweetstorm Sunday morning in which he rhetorically asked if the FEC or FCC should investigate Saturday Night Live for continually mocking him but not Democrats.

The president complained that treatment of him by NBC's satire show was ‘like an advertisement without consequences' and a boost to help Democrats.

SNL has aired many sketches making fun of Trump, his campaign, and his administration over the years with actor Alec Baldwin often playing the role of Trump. SNL didn't run a live show on Saturday, instead airing a rerun that featured a parody of ‘It's a Wonderful Life' that had Trump imagining his life had he never been elected president.

As you can imagine, the left, who often rails against President Trump as a wannabe dictator, had a field day. Turn the page for details – and to see how SNL should REALLY be investigated.



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