Be Prepared: Make an Emergency Oil Lamp in Under 5 Minutes

Be Prepared: Make an Emergency Oil Lamp in Under 5 Minutes

Don't get caught without light when the power goes out. Follow the simple instructions below and you won't be stuck in the dark. Anyone can put together one of these great oil lamps out of stuff you have laying around the house already!

Sure you can carry a flashlight around, but will the batteries be charged and ready when an emergency hits?  With this do-it-yourself lamp you can build your own light source that will be ready to go and then store it that way indefinitely.

Best of all, this lets you make use of stuff you were going to throw out, so it is basically free!  Make sure you watch to the end to see how to store the lamp, and share with your friends so they can make their own, too.

Why not give it a shot? This is such a simple project you can build your own emergency oil lamp in minutes and have some peace of mind, plus, it gives you a great way to recycle used cooking oil.

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