Prepare for the Democrat 2020 Swarm of Presidential Candidates

Early on in the opening day of the Trump presidency, he took the advice of his staff and officially filed with the Federal Elections Commission his bid for the 2020 reelection.  The advantage of filing so early is that he can have staff properly screen attendees to rally events instead of having non-supporters crashing the party.  As well, the continued raising of donations to his fund will scare off potential primary challengers.

The concept of a waging a “permanent campaign” while in office was pioneered by Bill Clinton at the behest of Sydney “Benghazi Enthusiast” Blumenthal who advised the president to monitor closely all the current polls and make policy decisions based on enthusiasm.

George W. Bush, although to a lesser degree, also followed suit, but spent the greater part of his two terms defending himself against a then-heretofore unprecedented Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) assault on his presidency.

Barack Hussein Obama not only personified “permanent campaign” mode, but perfected it, making it appear as if he himself was not really yet in office and, therefore, not responsible for all the ills that were inflicted on the country, even when it was his own Jackass Brigade in Congress that was attacking Americans and the United States.

With Donald Trump well on his way to campaign mode, it is imperative that we keep up-to-date on his opponents-to-be!  The waves of 2020 Democrat candidates will be smashing up against America’s shores in a relentless riptide of Communists, Socialists, Fascists, Regressives and Liberals!

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