Portland Police Confiscate Weapons, Dynamite from Antifa Protesters

As Patriot Prayer gathered in the Schrunk Plaza in Portland, Oregon, the other day, they were armed with both their permit for the pro-Trump gathering and their Holy Bibles which they carry about while reading scripture to the masses who care to listen.  As they approached an area near a road, across Chapman Street was another group that had been alerted to Patriot Prayer's presence through a network of anti-First Amendment funding operations, and immediately sprang into action upon spotting their prey.

The gathering was enormous this time around and Patriot Prayer was not ready for this show of force.  As the masked and hooded thugs approached them and began beating 10-1 on many of the pro-Trump group, it was everything the police force could do to extricate the members from these scuffles.  Then, the scene turned even more ugly as the police were confronted with a most disgusting and horrid display.


That's right.  These animals actually took the time to prepare balloons filled with feces and bloody tampons in order to hurl them at police officers.  Regardless of the fact that these thugs were already in the process of breaking the law, they nevertheless felt it necessary to turn a shameful act of defiance and violence into a disgusting barrage of filth and garbage.

It was at this point, however, that the officers began detaining, cuffing and arresting many of the assailants.  Their stated purpose of this anti-Trump rally was to fight against tyranny, even as they terrorized a neighborhood where women and children took cover as these cowards ran crazily about brandished machetes, tire irons and yes, even sticks of DYNAMITE!

The videos taken of the rioting show many ISIS-mimicking cowards gang-beating a man for attempting to show support of his president.

This is precisely the types of actions and resistance, by the way, that both our former president and Hillary Clinton have called for in the wake of her miserable and humiliating defeat to a much more polished, attractive and obviously nuanced candidate in Donald Trump.  All the excuses in the world cannot excuse calling for this type of street justice to be meted out to everyday Americans.

As the crowds of anti-free speech protesters grew, police presence also grew.  The arrests numbered in the dozens by the end of the day, which (in my opinion) should have been every single solitary one of them.  This is the worst sort of spoiled brat mentality that gets good men and women in blue killed every year.

The videos have said it all.  The animals are out of their cages and behaving as if this were a third world country.  The only thing that could possibly assuage this type of behavior would be the complete and total breakdown of the entire law enforcement, judicial, and sociopolitical structure of the United States government.  Only then would these animals be free to kill each other instead of trying to kill innocent law-abiding citizens.

Former President Obama and failed TTL (Three-Time Loser) Hillary Clinton need to condemn this type of activity and put a stop to it once and for all.  If this were the type of behavior going on while Obama was president, you can bet your next paycheck that Eric Holder's and Loretta Lynch's Department of Justice would have been out in the streets demanding a complete martial law instituted on the country.

As for the condemning of this practice, please do not bother trying to hold your breath.  This is exactly the type of stuff for which Hillary and Obama have called and this is exactly the type of stuff they're secretly smirking about behind closed doors.



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