Pope Francis: Nations Should ‘Open Their Hearts and Their Doors’ to Migrants

Over One Million Migrants Flow Into Europe

The pope ancient Israel when they were carried away to Babylon to the modern day refugees. He seems to be a bit mixed up in his Bible history.

The Pope compared today’s migrants to the people of Israel who were deported into Babylon in the 7th century BC, as recounted in the Biblical book of the prophet Jeremiah.

“How many of our brothers and sisters are living in this time a real and dramatic situation of exile,” Francis said, “far from their homeland, still in their eyes the reflection of their homes reduced to rubble, their hearts full of fear and often, unfortunately, sorrow at the loss of loved ones!”

“And when they try to go somewhere else, they find the door closed to them,” Francis continued, “There they are, at the border, because so many doors and so many hearts are closed. Today’s migrants suffer from the cold, without food and with no way to enter. They do not feel welcome.”

Francis said that the Babylonian exile was a “devastating experience for Israel.” Faith had faltered because in a strange land, without a temple and without worship, “it was difficult to continue to believe in the goodness of the Lord.”

Israel was carried off by the Babylonians to Babylon because they desired slaves and wanted to eliminate the potential of Israel joining forces with the Egyptians. And Biblical history indicates that the Israelites were an unrighteous and disobedient people, which is why God permitted them to be captured and removed from their homeland.

In the case of the Syrians, the civil war is a result of Muslim insurgents and warlords fighting one another for control of the region. There was no real outside influence that caused the civil war to erupt, and now the people are fleeing, not being carried away. And the odd thing is that even Muslims are seeking refuge because they are not the “correct” sect of Islam. But to assume that this inner turmoil somehow obligates the Western world to take these unfortunates in is simply wrong, especially when considering the disruption that they represent in the host countries.

The pope certainly may feel sympathy for the emigres, and he proclaimed a theme for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees back in 2016. which is for all nations to open their arms and hearts to the Islamic migrants. I suggest that he put his money and actions where his mouth is and open the Vatican to some of the refugees and support them with food, housing, and jobs. But for now the pontiff has no moral authority to speak for the rest of the world since the countries that he is lecturing have done far more to support the migrants than Pope Francis ever has or will do.

What the Pope should really do is go on one of his special tours to speak to all those Arab countries that refuse to take any migrants whatsoever.

Source: breitbart.com



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