Pope Francis: Jesus Failed on the Cross

Here is what the Pope said, verbatim:

“The cross shows us a different way of measuring success. Ours is to plant the seeds. God sees to the fruits of our labors. And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross.”


The leftist press has had a field day with this. But, note the pontiff specifically notes “humanly speaking”. Yes, on the human level, it was a defeat. On the spiritual level the story is one of eventual triumph, yet, the naysayers only target the word failure and downplay the term “humanly speaking” just prior to it.

The pundits can make all the noise they want. They are hiding the true meaning in the statement. And they are not believers. So, their voice is not worth hearing.

The wonderful thing about our tech-driven world is that one does not have to listen to a handful of media propagandists. We can check things out from a variety of sources and determine for ourselves the truth.

Truth stands out.

Note: This video might appear gray, which is usually an indication that it is unavailable. However, it should play just fine.

Source: Global Dispatch



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