Pope Francis Decides Most Marriages are ‘Null’

Pope Francis Decides Most Marriages are ‘Null’

Pope Francis has been an unexpected mystery to many, including much of the more traditional leadership in his own church. He came from Argentina and the Liberation Theology movement so common in Latin America, which focuses on the poor and supposed social justice, although a good deal of the belief system has roots in Marxist socialism. The Pope has ruffled many feathers, but in the end he seems like such a nice, earnest man that it is hard to be angry with him. He also seems to walk the walk, though it is likely that a good number of the Catholic leadership is not happy with where he is taking the church.

Pope Francis just gave a speech which was truly astounding. In this case, it is hard to take issue with what he is saying, thought there will be many who reject the truth of his message. And certainly, many Liberation Theology backers will not be happy, because he addresses the importance of marriage and family, a concept that all good Marxists reject since the family in that belief system should ideally be replaced with commitment to the state and the government. Commitment to family distracts good comrades from proper allegiance and priorities. More amazing still is that the Pope criticizes much of the Catholic membership.

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