Pope Equates Refugee Reluctance to Christ’s Crucifixion

Pope Equates Refugee Reluctance to Christ’s Crucifixion

Pope Francis has once again ventured off script and into the realm of leftist politics this week. The man entrusted with leading the Catholic Church seems to make headlines more often for his harsh criticisms of government than he does for anything actually concerning the church.

The latest foray into politics is a familiar one for our Pope, after famously starting a feud with then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his strict policies on immigration, it should come as no surprise that Pope Francis is now admonishing world leaders’ reluctance to take in refugees from the most unstable, terror-ridden areas of the Middle East.

Not content with a simple put down, Pope Francis dramatized the attack by comparing European leaders to those who crucified Christ himself.

And one must wonder — how many refugees has the Vatican taken in? Don’t forget, Pope Francis is also the leader of a European country, one with its own border wall and intense security.

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