Politico Forced to Drop Claims of ‘Fabrication’ in Ben Carson Hit Piece

Politico Forced to Drop Claims of ‘Fabrication’ in Ben Carson Hit Piece

With his place as Republican front-runner solidified with the release of many new polls putting him above Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson is now seeing the ugly side of sitting on top of national polls. Just days after cementing his new status as the Republican standard-bearer, Politico released a fact-challenged hit piece designed to paint Dr. Carson as a liar who fabricated his rags-to-riches story in his own autobiography.

The claim they dispute is in regards to Carson's retelling of a story in which he said he was offered a scholarship to West Point Academy. Politico attempted to disprove this story by searching West Point's admissions records.

When they found that Ben Carson never applied, they wrote a piece that said the entire story was fabricated. What they failed to mention — or perhaps failed to notice — ¬†was that Ben Carson never said he applied in the first place.

Faced with that fact, Politico was forced to retract major portions of their original hit piece, but the damage had already been done. Dr. Ben Carson was now playing defense against accusations against his moral character. This is just the latest in a series of fact-free attacks on GOP candidates by the liberal media. To read more about the Politico story, continue on to page two:

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