Police Suspect ‘Knockout Game’ as Motive in Fatal Attack

Police Suspect ‘Knockout Game’ as Motive in Fatal Attack

The knockout game may be the cause of death in a brutal attack in the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia. The victim, Mardoquo Sincal Jochola was a 30-year-old, who had only lived in the United States for eight years.  His attack was unprovoked.

Sadly, unlike the little old woman from Saint Louis, Gladis Bennett, who retaliated after becoming a victim of the knockout game, Jochola died in cold blood.

When 93-year-old Gladis Bennett of Saint Louis Missouri got attacked by players of the Knockout game (a game where punks punch random strangers in an effort to knock them out with one blow), they got more than they bargained for.

After being punched, knocked to the ground and kicked, Gladis reaches in her purse, pulls out a gun and shoots the main aggressor in the head, killing him.

The Knockout game has killed several people nationwide and is gaining in popularity.

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