Police Begin Raiding Residences Over ‘Right-Wing’ Social Media Posts

The outrage of arresting anyone for saying the wrong thing and offending someone has not yet come to the shores of America, but it cannot be long until it does. In the meantime, Berlin, Germany police undertook a large scale raid of at least ten different apartments due to “anti-migrant” messages that were posted online.

Consider that Germany has welcomed in more than one million migrants over the last year or two, and that these migrants have included rapists, thieves, and ungrateful and indolent people who have been a huge disruption and legal nightmare to the citizens of Germany. There is very good cause to have negative and angry opinions about many of the newcomers, but it seems that the tyrants in government think the people should have no opinion and no say in the direction the government is taking, and so they are demanding that the people simply shut up. Whose country is it, anyway?

Berlin Police completed a large scale raid on internet users Wednesday. The officers ransacked ten separate apartments in the German capital in the suburbs of Spandau, Tempelhof, Marzahn, Hellersdorf and Pankow.

The force confiscated mobile phones, narcotics and weapons. Nine suspects were arrested, aged 22-58, and are accused of posting messages critical of migrants, migrant helpers and some anti-semitic slogans on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, reports Berliner Morgenpost.

The Berlin police have told media that they already knew of the suspects and said that many of them have what they consider a “right-extremist” background. Police spokesman Stefan Redlich said that while many of the men shared anti-migrant views, “the men do not know each other according to previous findings,” and there was no evidence of any planned conspiracy to commit crime among them.

In some of the homes searched police were forced to admit they hadn’t found anything at all, but Redlich justified the raids saying they were maybe, “people who just once expressed their hate-opinion.”

Police announced that the raids show Germans that they are not as safe online as they might think. They say that anyone who says something xenophobic, spreads hate toward migrants, or shares what they consider to be xenophobic music, may be next on the list of apartments to be raided in the future.

Google and Facebook have been criticized for helping the German government crack down on speech that is critical of migrants and of the policies of German chancellor Angela Merkel. The policy led to the deletion of the Facebook account of a young girl who spoke out about the migrant crisis and how she no longer felt safe walking the streets of her town.

The raids come just days after British police issued an apparently menacing tweet, warning them not to get into trouble on-line. As reported by Breitbart London, the Greater Glasgow Police offered internet users this helpful advice: “Think before you post or you may receive a visit from us this weekend. Use the internet safely. #thinkbeforeyoupost”.

It is perfectly acceptable to encourage polite and cordial communication about other human beings, and in fact, we are all obligated to “civilize” ourselves in a polite society. But the very idea that the government of any country would take on the role of “thought police” and would seek to completely control speech and to punish anyone who expressed their own opinion is outlandish.

A man in Scotland was also recently arrested for posting a piece on Facebook thought to be offensive to Syrian refugees, and the police there indicated that they would not tolerate any form of offensive comments on social media.

Apart from wondering why migrants from the Middle East seem to be a special protected class, how is it possible for authorities to shut down honest, true assessments of a situation? The important thing to remember is that there are more citizens than there are bureaucrats and police, and the “apparatchiks” could one day find themselves run off the public stage. Let's hope that day is soon.

Source: breitbart.com

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