Planned Parenthood Used Accounting Gimmicks to Hide Profits from Baby Parts Sales

Outrageous Abortion Practices Generate Illegal Cash

Despite their denials, Planned Parenthood execs continue to let slip the fact that pure profit is one of the factors behind their disgusting abortion services, as shown in the video below.

A financial benefit “is what staff and management need to see,” says an executive at a Planned Parenthood facility in Texas.

The video highlights footage from the April 9, 2015 visit of investigative journalists David Daleiden — director of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) — and CMP employee Sandra Merritt to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s (PPGC) abortion facility in Houston.

“We had two levels of invoicing for them. We had it worded as ‘per consent,’” explains PPGC Director of Research Melissa Farrell. In the video, Farrell states “per consent” is the phrase used in PPGC budgeting in place of “per specimen” for fetal tissue.

Farrell discusses that while a woman may consent to supply her aborted baby’s tissue, the specimen itself may not be useable for experimentation.

“There’s probably some situations where somebody would consent and then just not, we didn’t get a sample, or she changed her mind, or something happened to the specimen,” she says, adding, “Now obviously, we don’t want to end up paying for material that we can’t use,” and suggests that there be a line item fee or “something else that represents the specimens.”

PPGC CEO Melaney Linton also appears in the video advising that Farrell will “work on all of that with you” when it comes to “remuneration” and “compensation” for fetal tissue.

Farrell explains to Daleiden and Merritt over lunch that her department – which has overseen the organization’s fetal tissue supply program since 2006 — “contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization here.”

Congresswoman Marsh Blackburn, chairman of the House’s Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, said the new video footage is “deeply disturbing.”

Blackburn said in a statement:

The comments in this video by an employee of a large abortion provider are deeply disturbing and seem to demonstrate a willingness to obfuscate and hide their true intentions. The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives is examining these issues and this new video, once again, raises more questions about the medical procedures and business practices used by entities involved in fetal tissue procurement. Our panel intends to follow the facts where they lead us.

Incredibly, Planned Parenthood is suing the undercover journalist David Daleiden for shooting the videos, because they prefer to work in the dark and craft their public image.

Daleiden, who was indicted by a Harris County, Texas grand jury while Planned Parenthood was entirely cleared of wrongdoing – are presenting themselves to the court in Houston on Thursday morning. At that time, national pro-life leaders will present over 100,000 signatures calling on District Attorney Devon Anderson to drop the charges against the journalists, Operation Rescue reports.

Planned Parenthood attorney Josh Schaffer said a prosecutor told him the grand jury never even voted on possible criminal charges against the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“Planned Parenthood’s self-interested political maneuvers will never silence free speech or the citizen press,” Daleiden said in a statement. “The new video released today shows that no amount of half-baked barratry can conceal Planned Parenthood’s barbaric harvesting and profiting off baby body parts.”

Peter Breen, special counsel with the Thomas More Society – which is representing Daleiden, said:

The charges against David Daleiden are legally and factually baseless. David used standard undercover journalism techniques to catch Planned Parenthood staff agreeing to alter abortion procedures to get more intact organs and tissue from aborted babies, presumably without telling their patients. David also caught Planned Parenthood staff discussing how to adjust accounting line items to conceal profits from baby body part transactions. Planned Parenthood’s lawyers in Houston have now admitted they dreamed up and demanded the charges against David, apparently in order to distract prosecutors and the public from their own bad acts. We intend to seek to have these charges dismissed at the earliest opportunity.

It is typical of the Left to protect illegal, immoral and unethical actions of those organizations and individuals who help move forward the Left’s agenda, because the larger goal is the increase of the Left’s power and authority, along with the silencing of the opposition. The means are considered to be irrelevant, and it is tragic to consider that in a case like Planned Parenthood, which has virtually nothing to do with parenthood, the means include the murder of million and millions of defenseless, innocent babies, and the complete duping of their equally ignorant mothers.





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