Planned Parenthood: ‘Genitals Don’t Determine if You’re a Boy or Girl’

Planned Parenthood: ‘Genitals Don’t Determine if You’re a Boy or Girl’

Look in your pants. What gender do you think you’re? You’re wrong. And I know. I know. Because Planned Parenthood and my feelings this morning told me that I uniquely possessed the moral authority to tell you all how to live and that your genitalia was not a marker of your gender. That is actually terrifying and you'll find out why in a second after I answer the 1st burning question on all of your minds.

Why am I thinking about all of the genitalia in the world today? Liberal activists told me that we all needed to fixate on what was going on everybody’s pants to create a better (new) world. Okay, my perverted little unicorns. We are segueing into a discussion of the new Planned Parenthood initiative to help preschoolers understand their sexuality. I’m helping them. They’re going to enjoy these new pearls of wisdom. The children. They love it. Said every pedophile on death row…

Check out how the doctors over at Planned Parenthood now suggests we all start figuring out our genders on the next page. The real kicker though is that they’re going to start forcing these new gender tests onto kids as young as preschool age!

Are you really going to let them do this to your kid?! I mean, come-on, do you also let Casey Anthony babysit? This nonsense needs to stop!

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