The Plan To Retake Our Nation — NOW!

The Plan To Retake Our Nation — NOW!

The time to think we are the greatest nation in the world is OVER.

We are permitting a federal government to completely VIOLATE our Constitution, the ultimate law of the land that has made our country the best the world has yet seen.

Our country has been completely taken over by either communists or Muslim Brotherhood or both.

Do you want to see your country die?? Can you compute what that means??? It means no more ‘Breaking Bad' episodes…do I have your attention now dammit??

Would you rather wait for a jihadist to barrel through your door and shoot you dead while you are watching a rerun of Lost? Or, would you prefer to fight for the freedoms YOU and YOUR FAMILY enjoy…and perhaps die a noble death rather than wasteless one?

How do you want to die? Watching T.V. or fighting for your country?

If you chose to fight then you are a TRUE American, if you chose TELEVISION then please get the hell out of the way of the rest of us. OK???

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