Piers Morgan: ISIS Will Nuke USA

Piers Morgan has made an appeal to reasonable retaliation to the Western leaders against ISIS.

Another bunch of rabid Islamic fundamentalists has developed the capacity to commit mass murder in the skies, 14 years after Al Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks.

This takes ISIS’s barbaric, medieval campaign of torture, mayhem and death to a whole new level of sickening depravity.

The atrocity of Russian Airbus A321 is a game-changer.

Putin’s response to this Russian plane bombing is perhaps the single most critical moment so far in the war with ISIS.

If he’s true to his track record then he will be swift, vicious, merciless and utterly resolute in his desire to win.

ISIS has poked the bear, and whether we like him or not, we should all support the bear as he exacts due justice for his slain countrymen, women and children.

[W]hat, exactly, is President Obama waiting for before he too gets serious about ISIS? A U.S. passenger plane going down too? A domestic train being blown up? A shopping mall being destroyed?Or a nuclear bomb wiping out an American city? Don’t mock. ISIS would do all this in a heartbeat if they get even half a chance.

Source: The Daily Mail

For once, Piers Morgan is correct on all counts. ISIS is clearly stepping up the ruthlessness of their attacks and will stop at nothing to exact the maximum death count to appease their sick sect of Islam. If we wait until after the fact, we needlessly endanger countless innocent lives and appear weak to the animalistic barbarians that have been ravaging the Middle East for years now. When is Obama or Prime Minister Cameron going too make a serious effort to drive these murderers to their graves?



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