Philippines President Okays Mosque Bombings

In order to combat radical Islamic terrorism in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte is giving his military authority to go after several militant hiding places.

But the order is also quite controversial — because the hiding places also serve as places of worship.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has given the military permission to bomb mosques where Marawi militants are holed up.

Duterte had earlier ordered the military to wait it out and not target the mosques due to concern for the hostages’ safety.

However, he announced the reversal of that policy on Aug. 30, the 100th day since the Marawi siege started on May 23.

Duterte said he did not come to the decision lightly, as it would generate more animosity between Muslims and Christians but he said the Marawi conflict had gone on for too long and he was being pressed by military, police and civilian leaders to end the siege.

The militants are believed to still be holding 30 hostages, and Duterte said he has sent someone to try to negotiate their release.

Watch a video about the controversial go-ahead below:

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