Philadelphia Schools Must Pay $2.3 Million for Anti-white Racism

Since President Obama's first inauguration, this country has become more divided than it's ever been.

If this were the 1800s, chances are there we would have another civil war on our hands. Modern social movements have painted Americans as oversensitive and violent, two things that couldn't contradict each other more.

This leaves you to question . . . what is the end game?

Is it equality they're after or dominance? And that's not just a question that the ethnic communities should be asking themselves, but those who take any sort of social stance.

Is it legitimate? Or is it a play for attention? And in some cases, it's neither of those things, just hatred, pure and simple.

Take the recent court ruling given to Philadelphia's public school system.

A few years back, Security and Data Technologies was chosen by the PSD to install security cameras at nineteen schools. Then suddenly, right out of the blue, their contract was canceled and then given to IBS Communications. On paper, that might not sound like a big deal, but wait until you read what happened.

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