Personal Liberty: Obama Is Leading The Jihadi Invasion

Personal Liberty: Obama Is Leading The Jihadi Invasion

If the prospect of 10,000 Syrian refugees unsettled you, then you won’t like this next report.

Officials within the Obama administration have now said that number could increase ten times over.

Its now being reported that 100,000 refugees from ISIS-held territories could be on their way to the United States of America. Pair that with the fact that the FBI itself is saying they have no way of knowing for sure the motives of those entering out country, and Obama and his administration may b]very well be leading the charge on a large scale Jihad invasion of the U.S.

This may all sound like hyperbole, but consider the fact that nearly every ISIS attack on western nations have included non-native people who have exploited immigration law to gain access to their respective countries,  and suddenly the threaten becomes very real.

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