Pentagon Officials: Women Should Be Required to Sign Up for the Draft

Pentagon Officials: Women Should Be Required to Sign Up for the Draft

There have been attempts by the Left over these many decades, since the days of Jimmy Carter, to reinstitute the draft.  Make no mistake, they NEVER take credit for calling for the draft, nor do they ever admit to writing legislation that pushes the reinstitution of a draft.

In a hilarious example, back in 2003, Charlie Rangel, noted far-Left Democrat in the US House of Representatives for New York (a 15-year politician from Harlem at that time already and famous for not having paid taxes…go figure) had introduced legislation to reinstitute the draft.

By the following morning, after having done all the Fake News Industrial Complex shows, Rangel (through reporters) went from introducing the legislation to a politician who was trying to stop George W. Bush from killing our children!

Yes, it’s true.  In the span of only a few days, the DNC and the FNIC had attempted to convince the entire voting public that George Bush had asked for the draft to be reinstituted so that he could send more kids off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan!  You cannot make this stuff up.  Rangel was even asked if women would be included in this draft, but he softly deflected and waddled on his way back to the Swamp.

Now, the Pentagon has issued a report that suggests we stick with the mandatory Selective Service registration requirements for young men who are 18-25 years old, but adds that they believe young women should be added to that registration kick as well!

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