The Pentagon Claims To Have ‘Lost’ $8.5 Trillion Dollars

The Pentagon Claims To Have ‘Lost’ $8.5 Trillion Dollars

How do you lose $8.5 trillion dollars? You spend it…of course, then, you cook your books.

C’mon, there is simply no way in hell that any agency¬†with cash in hand and ledgers in front of them can lose that amount of money unless it is planned.

How much does it cost to enslave the world? Well, that depends on your numbers. How many want to do so?

It seems that when you track the money, who controls the world, it boils down to a small few…hence, it’s gonna take more money.

$8.5 trillion is probably just the amount it takes to fund a couple of major worldwide projects. To actually enslave humanity…if your numbers are few…will take a lot more.

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