Pentagon Admits It Uses Drones To Spy On Americans

Pentagon Admits It Uses Drones To Spy On Americans

Our government’s increasingly authoritarian nature is becoming so obvious that not even it’s functionaries are bothering to deny it.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request, the Pentagon made public a shockingly report that proved the agency was engaging in domestic surveillance through the use of drones. The agency must have no problem with Americans’ knowing this because it made no attempt to hide or conceal it.

Indeed, the Pentagon sees nothing wrong in it’s conduct: not only is claiming that such flights rarely occurred, but it also insists that they were all legal. This eyebrow-raising assessment was shared by the American Civil Liberties Union, which begrudgingly admitted that the agency didn’t technically break any laws by using drones within the US.

However, the ACLU was quick to add that just because the practice is legal doesn’t mean it’s right, pointing out that the novelty of the technology involved will force current understandings of privacy rights to evolve as it becomes possible for the government to keep a constant eye on it’s citizens.

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