Penn State: Students Should Report Microaggressions To Administrators

Lisa Powers, the director of Penn State's strategic communications office, said in email to The College Fix that their campaign includes microaggressions, which can really mean just about anything, including breathing in somebody's direction in a funny way. It basically means that anything said or done by a white person can and will be considered offensive.

Powers said the bias reporting acts as a catharsis of sorts for students, acknowledging the public university has no right to hinder students’ First Amendment rights.

“Penn State stands firmly behind free speech and free expression, even in those instances when the views being expressed are disturbing or insulting, or the actions hurtful,” Powers told The College Fix. “The First Amendment doesn’t just apply to those who express ideas with which we agree. It also applies to those whose ideas we may find challenging, repugnant or even appalling. By providing an outlet for individuals to report bias they have seen or experienced, we are giving them an equal right to express their thoughts and feelings on the matter.”

They want “bias” reported to them, but they don't want to step on anybody's First Amendment rights. What exactly are those rights? These days, the government only protects forms of speech that go along with what they're saying because they feel the Constitution is open to interpretation. That being said, the pendulum swings both way. If students are offended by somebody else being offended, what then?





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