Pelosi: At Thanksgiving, Feel Guilty Over Our Cruel Treatment of Illegal Immigrants


Don't guilt the American public, Nancy, about immigration, when it has been this administration and your party that has perpetuated and exasperated the immigration problems you claim to care about.

Thanksgiving is a time for counting one's blessings, sharing with others and thanking God for His goodness, not politicizing immigration.  Pelosi needs to put her so called concern into action and perhaps find an illegal immigrant family to dinner, then perhaps she would have credibility in her posturing.

Nancy Pelosi’s message to Americans this Thanksgiving is that the nation’s “broken immigration system” is “cruel” to illegal immigrants.

“Especially as we approach Thanksgiving, we should remember the cruel impact of our broken immigration csystem on millions of families,” Pelosi said during a news conference, reports “We must rededicate ourselves to advancing immigration — comprehensive immigration reform that honors families and strengthens communities.”

“Continuing to stall essential elements of immigration — the immigration accountability executive action issued by President Obama  — only perpetuates a broken immigration system that tears families apart fails to serve the national interest,” Pelosi said. “We must not continue to defer the dreams of hardworking immigrant families who give so much to our communities.”

Count your blessings and ignore this insufferable woman who would have America guilted into feeling badly on Thanksgiving about a problem she and the Democrats have enhanced by not following the laws of the land.

Source: Breitbart



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