Pelosi: It Was “Horrible” and “Terrible” When We Found Out Bill Clinton Could Be Sued For Sexual Harassment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants you to know that she understands what it is like to be scared.

Despite her innocent persona as a harmless representative for dementia and term limits, Nancy Pelosi is a devious walking bundle of anti-America hating contradictions. Even as the mind deteriorates the fundamental yearnings from youth still remain, words and the present might start to jumble into an incoherent blend of word salad, but what was lingers.

Pelosi might not be able to correctly remember old sayings or the Constitution, for example,

‘The Constitution doesn’t give people the right to yell wolf in a crowded movie theater’

But, she does remember the day she found out former President William J. Clinton could hypothetically be held accountable for some of his alleged crimes.

Continue to the next page to hear her explain how it stabbed her heart to hear Republicans say Bill Clinton wasn’t above the law.




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