Pelosi: Investigating Trump Without Evidence is our “Constitutional Responsibility”

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said in May 2017 that Muller’s Russia probe was “being done backwards” and compared it to Stalin’s secret police.

“Usually, you can point to a statute and say, ‘We’re investigating crime under this statute,’” Dershowitz said. “What Mueller seems to be doing is saying, ‘We don’t like what happened. Maybe there was some collaboration. But I can’t figure out what statute was being violated.’ You know, when Hillary Clinton was being investigated, at least we knew what the statute was.”

CNN with legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin responded, “Here’s a statute…want a statute? Aiding and abetting hacking — it’s a crime.”

“Oh, come on!” Dershowitz exclaimed. “You have to show evidence. You’re just making that up! You have to show evidence. Not only that they knew about the hacking, but they worked hand and glove with them. You’re just making it up! There’s no evidence of any crime. I searched the statute. I cannot find it!”

“I don’t like criminal investigations to start on hoping that you have the target, maybe we’ll find the crime, maybe we’ll find the statute – and if we can’t find the statute, we’ll stretch the statute to fit the person,” Dersh said. “That sounds like Lavrentiy Beria [Joseph Stalin’s secret police chief] and Joseph Stalin! he added. “‘Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.’ I don’t want to ever see that come to America.”

Dershowitz’s comparison is completely accurate, save the fact that Stalinistic investigations have already come to America. Now that Mueller’s witchhunt is over Pelosi is picking up the torch with her own ‘backward’ investigation.

Turn the page to see Pelosi invoke Stalin’s policy of “show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

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