PayPal CEO, Global Elite “Infusing” Themselves with Blood of Young Children

PayPal CEO, Global Elite “Infusing” Themselves with Blood of Young Children

Drinking blood is not a new development. Most who engage in this practice think they’re either taking part in a scientific practice or dabbling in witchcraft. That is what makes understanding the obsession among the wealthy elite with drinking the blood of children so complicated.

The ancient Greeks and Romans were notorious for their beliefs in the powerful medicinal advantages of drinking an “elixir” of blood. And not much has changed over the years.

Back in the early days of “blood transfusions” they thought drinking the blood was the most efficient scientific method. Some accounts indicate that Pope Innocent VIII was the first person to receive a “blood transfusion” in 1492. Many historical accounts claim he utilized his position to gain access to a constant supply of fresh blood from young Jewish boys.

Skeptical historians question these famous accounts of the Papacy but what they’ll all agree on is that whenever power and conflict are involved, harrowing accounts of drinking the blood of young children are always lurking in the shadows.

That is why the recent revelation by PayPal CEO and Co-founder Peter Thiel regarding his obsession with “infusing” himself with the blood of young children is generating so much alarm among parents. Thiel claims “infusing” themselves with the blood of children is key for the elite unlocking immortality. He has even started up a special “medical research” company to find the best way of mainstreaming this blood “infusing” trend for him and his rich global network of friends searching for the proverbial fountain of youth. But, what parent is volunteering Thiel their child’s blood and more importantly where is Thiel going to find enough fresh young blood to supply his new company’s controversial research?

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