Paul Ryan Plans Gun Vote after 4th of July Weekend

Paul Ryan Plans Gun Vote after 4th of July Weekend

It took them pouting like children in the halls of Congress, but the Democrats were able to get establishment GOP leaders to cave in and introduce dangerous anti-gun legislation.

After House Democrats staged a “sit-in” to force a vote on new gun control measures, Speaker Paul Ryan announced to Republicans during a conference call that Congress will vote on what is referred to as a “counterterrorism package” when members return after the 4th of July weekend.

Of course, what’s really on the table are proposals to further stymie the right of Americans to defend themselves in the wake of Islamist terror like that recently committed in Orlando. The exact contents of the legislation are unknown at this point, but it is almost certain that there are some form of the onerous restrictions called for by Democrats contained within.

This means that, among other things, the ban on people placed on the no fly and terror watch lists sought by liberals may very well be implemented if the bills go through.

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