Paul Ryan Opposes Cutting Muslim Immigration, “That’s not who we are”

Paul Ryan Opposes Cutting Muslim Immigration,  “That’s not who we are”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stunned conservatives in an interview with Sean Hannity. Asked by Hannity about the hordes of Muslim refugees trying to enter the country, Ryan refused to lend his support to efforts to investigate incoming migrants' beliefs before letting them in, stating “that's not who we are.”

By remarkable coincidence, this exact same phrase was uttered by President Obama when he criticized Republican pushes to more carefully vet Syrian immigrants, effectively putting Ryan in the same side of the ring as the president and the Democratic party.

On top of that, Ryan's response ran in complete contradiction to the opinions of Senate Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who is referenced by Hannity in their discussion. A longtime analyst of immigration trends and effects, Sessions has concluded that the rate of immigrants coming into the US must be decreased, noting that a staggering “Eighty-three percent of voters want to see projected immigration growth reduced.”

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