Paul Ryan: Muslim Ban not “in our country’s interests”

Paul Ryan: Muslim Ban not “in our country’s interests”

Voters on both sides of the political aisle this year came out by the millions to tell Washington insider politicians that they have had enough of business as usual.  In the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, however, was ultimately unable to overcome the superdelegate system rigged so heavily in favor of Hillary Clinton.

With a more open and fair system on the Republican side, billionaire businessman Donald Trump was able to ride a wave of anti-establishment anger, and emerge as the victor out of a crowd of 17 candidates.  Even candidates who are normally considered “outsiders” — such as Senator Ted Cruz — were unable to satisfy the anti-Washington voters this year.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, while beloved by many in the Republican establishment, finds himself at odds with many conservative voters in the 2016 presidential election.  On Tuesday, Speaker Ryan again went against the wishes of much of the Republican electorate when he reiterated his dissent regarding Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States.

To read what Speaker Ryan had to say at his Tuesday press conference, and how he is further alienating himself from many conservatives, continue reading on the next page:


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