Passengers Debunk Muslim Prankster Who Claimed Delta Ejected Him for ‘Speaking Arabic’

The real story behind Adam Saleh's removal from a Delta Airlines flight is finally coming to light. He wasn't ejected because he was “speaking Arabic,” but because he was shouting and trying to spread fear through the cabin.

Eyewitnesses to Muslim YouTuber Adam Saleh being kicked off a Delta Airlines flight at Heathrow said he was removed for pumping his fist in the air and shouting, not because he was speaking Arabic as Saleh claims.

The New York Times and other outlets have suggested that Saleh’s treatment could have been an instance of Islamophobia, but the prankster clearly intended to get kicked off the flight in order to create a hoax video.

“He stood up and started shouting, putting his fist in the air, shouting something that sounded remotely Arabic for no reason, sat down, a few minutes passed and he was up again….he did it three times until eventually people said no,” one female passenger told ABC 7.

Another eyewitness said Saleh’s behavior made passengers feel “uncomfortable”.

Unfortunately, Saleh's hoax proved successful. While his story of ejection eventually proved false, by that time it had already gone viral. For a YouTuber, that's all that matters.

No less than 20 passengers complained about Saleh, suggesting that he was actually kicked off for being loud and causing a disturbance rather than speaking Arabic.

Saleh also acknowledged in his own video that passengers had complained about him swearing, before then making the leap that they were upset about him speaking Arabic.

Saleh has a history of producing prank videos involving planes.

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Source: Info Wars



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