Paris Terrorists Were Mixed in with Syrian migrants

In the wake of Friday's tragic events in Paris, more news is coming to light about who planned this attack and where they came from. While the Obama Administration and various other governments in Western Europe have been careful not mention the religion of Islam or use the word “migrant” anywhere in their references to the situation, it doesn't take much to put together exactly what motivated these terrorists and how they got into France.

The Greek government announced yesterday, that one of the terrorist gunmen who had taken part in the killing of over 120 people entered Europe while pretending to be a refugee just six weeks ago. These reports come from Greek Antenna news, and claims that one of the gunmen was found to have been carrying a Syrian passport. In an announcement by the Greek minister for citizen protection Nikos Tosca, the unnamed killer was registered on the Greek island of Leros in the Southern Aegean Sea on the third of October and spent six weeks as a refugee before killing in Paris.

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