Paris Mayor: ‘Donald Trump is so stupid, my God’

Paris, France knows the threat of Islamic extremism perhaps more than any other metropolitan area in the last decade. After the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, and the even larger offensive against the city as a whole last November, Paris has been entrenched in fear, waiting for the next attack many are sure will come sooner rather than later.

Because Paris is a large and accessible target for many ISIS fighters, one would think their government would be open to any and all means by which they can stomp out the radical extremists that have already claimed hundreds of lives across the city, but it turns out at least one plan is definitely not on the table.

When referring to Donald Trump and his effective ban on foreign Muslim travel into the United States, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo responded, “Mr. Trump is so stupid, my God.”

Apparently, attacking Donald Trump takes precedence over National Security outside of the United States, as well. See the comments yourself in the video linked below.

Source: NBC News



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