A Package Sheds New Light on Virginia Shooter


Flanagan’s reasoning for killing Parker and Ward turned out to be nothing more than a grudge and a comment taken out of context. And he fully intended on taking his life when the deed was done.

Days after his close friend, Vester Lee Flanagan, killed a reporter and photographer on live TV, Robert Avent reportedly received a package in the mail.

It was from Flanagan.

Avent told the New York Daily News that he received the package, full of letters, documents, photographs, driver’s licenses, student IDs and other items, on Saturday. Some of the items offer new insight into the killer’s mindset. Avent also claimed he is one of the last people to speak to Flanagan before he fatally shot himself following the on-air killings.

“Well, you know, I just feel, I didn’t like those people,” Flanagan reportedly replied when his friend asked him why he killed two people. Flanagan had accused one of his victims, Alison Parker, of making racist comments — which were later revealed to have been innocent phrases — and the other, photographer Adam Ward, of complaining to HR about him.

It’ll be interesting to see if the liberal media gives any attention to this new evidence, or if they’ll just try to burry it under the rug with all the rest of their dirty secrets – you know, they just want to get  a race war started…so his mental health is ‘beside the point’.

Hopefully with a little insight into the Flanagan’s mind, people will start taking mental health seriously instead of brushing it off and blaming these tragedies on gun control.

Source: theblaze.com



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