Overstock.com Founder Prepares His Employees for “Financial Armageddon”


Overstock.com’s founder Patrick Byrne is stocking up, not on inventory, but for his employees.

Once called ‘the most hated man on Wall Street’, Patrick Byrne, the founder and CEO of Overstock.com, joins Dr. Ron Paul in the outstanding video below to talk about the new America we are living in, freedom, and doing the right thing for his employees. Byrne warns that back in 2008 we were on the ‘edge of the precipice’ and asks ‘what happens if there is a bank holiday now’ after reminding us that back in the Great Depression, many Americans starved to death.

Byrne is making sure they are prepared for survival situations by purchasing up to 3 months worth of long-term survival food for each employee and stocking up on gold and silver to the tune of 10.9 million dollars to pay them when the dollar meets its’ inevitable end or some other kind of life changing, ‘financial armageddon’ event arriving.

With this latest Bloomberg Business report helping to confirm that the US dollar’s ‘execution event’ is on the horizon, we can only ask how long it will be until the trucks stop delivering and the system collapses. Although Byrne says in this video there may be only a 10% chance of a ‘financial armageddon’-style event happening, 10% is plenty enough for us, especially knowing that no nation nor system goes on forever and the direction this system is heading.

The entire world economy system is about to go over the cliff and the world will likely see war occur as a cover. Byrne is preparing his company’s employees regardless speaks to his character, as well as the seriousness of the situation. Are you preparing?

Source: All News Pipeline

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