Outrage Over the Murder of Rancher



With a beloved husband and father dead at the hands of Adam's County deputies, there is legitimate reason for 200 angry town-folk to be justifiably angry.

The testimony of Yanti's nephew, Rowdy Paradic, leaves little to the imagination and contradicts the deputies report.

“Everything was going as planned,” described Paradis. “Then the one cop turned around and grabbed his shoulder and jerked him backwards.”

Paradis says he’s not sure if Yantis’ weapon accidentally discharged at this point, or if the gun fired when a deputy’s bullet struck the rifle and Yantis’ hand.

Regardless, ”One deputy began shooting at Yantis, then the other deputy started shooting,” reports the Statesman. Yantis fell to the ground injured from gunshots to the chest and abdomen.

More information surfaced when Donna got out of the hospital after suffering a heart attack after the death of her husband.

“And then they threatened me and my nephew … threw us on the middle of Highway 95, searched us and handcuffed us, and wouldn’t let us go take care of Jack,” Donna told the Statesman.

Prayers for justice were given at Council Valley Assembly of God church where the town-hall was held.

Source: Info Wars




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