Outrage After City Imposes HUGE Tax on Soda

Outrage After City Imposes HUGE Tax on Soda

There are many, many things that irritate liberals, but one of the biggest irritants to them is so commonplace that one is baffled as to why they give it as much attention as they do.

We’re talking, of course, about soda, the sugary type of drink enjoyed by millions of Americans. Although it can have adverse effects on one’s health if drank in excessive quantities, this is common knowledge known to virtually everyone, meaning that some people are aware of the risks of drinking too much soda and choose to do so anyway. This is a problem yes, but a problem of self-discipline not ignorance.

But this isn’t good enough for leftists: to them, soda is a horrifically evil vice that must be expunged from society at all costs by the nanny state, with many pushing for laws to restrict or otherwise impede consumption of the drink.

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