Orthodontist Threatened For Cleaning Teeth By AK Dental Board

Orthodontist Threatened For Cleaning Teeth By AK Dental Board

Dr. Ben Burris wanted to give low-income persons in Arkansas cleaning services they could afford, but when he tried, he was treatened by the Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners – telling him they would revoke his licenses if he continued.

Arkansas law prohibits specialists, like orthodontists, from performing work outside their specialty, even though they are qualified to practice general dentistry.

This is in violation of the 14th Amendment, which states professionals can perform any task they are qualified for.

¨More than half the people of Arkansas don´t have access to regular dental care. Access of care is my passion. I want everyone who wants a great smile to afford it,¨ states Dr. Burris.

Many people simply can´t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a simple cleaning, and this law prevents competition in the marketplace and inflates prices. In the end, the law only helps dentists, not the public.

Dr. Burris is now fighting this law, which is federal. You can find out more about his case here http://ij.org/r/arkansas-dentistry/




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