Organization Offers $15k to Individuals Willing to Protest Trump

Organization Offers $15k to Individuals Willing to Protest Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency has inspired a wave of protests across the nation, but they’re not the product of grassroots anger. Instead, people are simply following the money — and protesting the government can be a full-time job.

Billionaires have been funneling millions of dollars into campaigns meant to obstruct Trump for over a year. George Soros alone has funded 187 anti-Trump organizations. These organizations then use the money to plan “grassroots” demonstrations around the United States. Where there aren’t enough people to attend, they bus them in. If that isn’t enough to spark attendance, they’re offering cash as an incentive.

Republicans have been speaking out against these “paid protesters” for weeks — but now they have proof that the protestors standing outside of their offices are only there for the money.

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