Oregon Ramps Up Persecution Of Christian Bakers, Threatens Their Home


A BOLI spokesman confirmed they sent a standard payment letter to the Kleins' attorney.

“The letter informs them that if we do not hear from them, we may turn the matter over to the Department of Revenue, which can place a lien on real property,” the spokesman told me.

BOLI said they would also be willing to accept either a full payment or payment arrangements.

“Of course, they can also ask for a stay of enforcement while they pursue their appeal,” the spokesman said.

But there’s a catch. The person who will determine whether or not to stay the order — is BOLI Commissioner Brad Avakian — a vocal supporter of the LGBTQIA movement.

“The judge, jury and executioner are all in one place,” said Anna Harmon, the Kleins' attorney. “He is intent on using his office to root out thought and speech with which he personally disagrees.”

Harmon, who is affiliated with Alliance Defending Freedom, said they were expecting the payment letter that came from BOLI.

“This letter, while it’s the normal procedure, continues to show the state is not backing down,” she told me. “They don’t think they did anything wrong here.”

Avakian’s strong arm tactics against the Christian bakers have outraged Christians across the nation.

“This guy would make Mussolini proud,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research council. “This is a wannabe dictator.”

Source: foxnews.com

These are not a couple of people to be thrown off of their faith so easily, even with the strong arm of the state bearing down on them.

“We are so going to fight this, oh my gosh,” Melissa Klein said. “It’s making us stronger and emboldening us to stand up to this. Aaron and I are fighting for every American out there – for their freedom. We are not backing down at all.”

“What a time to be an American,” Melissa said. “It’s a hard time – our freedoms are challenged – but what a time to be able to stand and have courage and say, ‘I have a moment in time where I can be a voice for that.’”

“He definitely messed with the wrong Christians,” Mrs. Klein adamantly stated.



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