Oregon Judge To Bill Ammon Bundy $70,000 Per Day For County Costs Due To Occupation

Judge Threatens Bundy with Fine

When the government wants to destroy a citizen, they simply ruin them financially. Harney County judge Steve Grasty has now ordered Ammon Bundy to pay $70,000 a day in fines to cover the extra security costs to the government, which include the blockade set up by the Sheriff’s office to “protect” against possible attacks by Bundy’s group, along with extra staffing costs to “monitor” the situation.

The government is up for the conflict, and they will not be challenged.

“We’re going to send Mr. Bundy the bill,” Grasty said at a town hall meeting on Monday night, encouraging residents to let the militia dry up its own resources. “No matter how you feel, do not bring food and supplies up to the refuge.”

At that same town hall meeting, Harney County sheriff David Ward made it clear that Bundy’s gang wasn’t welcome in their community.

“There’s an hourglass, and it’s running out,” Ward said. “Go home.”

Bundy has not yet responded to the fine, but it may be that this will break the back of the demonstration. When there were urban riots and destruction by Black Lives Matter protesters in the last two years, the government gave up and let the rioters have their way. Of course, they were destroying other peoples property and businesses.

In this case, the government is determined to show that no one can mess with government property. Citizens are getting tired of government overreach and heavy handed tactics, and future challenges to the government are inevitable.

Source: usuncut.com

Photo: concordmonitor



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