Opinion: How to Stop Mass Shootings

The breakdown of the nuclear family is also a euphemistic phrase used to describe a more troubling picture: there are more non-existant fathers now and vanishingly few positive male role models for young men to admire and emulate. This is often fueled, or at least endorsed, by limp wristed progressives who want to tear down supposedly patriarchal institutions and endorse transgender decisions by four year olds.

But it is those patriarchal institutions, if you like, that for two millennia provided the sort of structure, order and role models that young men need.

In the recent events we have seen real men…and they are heroes. Three veterans on a French train charged and beat a heavily armed Islamist that sought to kill dozens. One vet charged the shooter at Umqua College, taking 7 bullets and breaking both legs in his brazen attempt to stop the gunman. Two other vets, possessing guns, tried to stop the melee, but were halted by PC liberal school authorities.

Real men save us from the bad guys… and from the progressives and what they allow in the world.

Masculinity isn’t fragile, as a spiteful, sociopathic feminist Twitter hashtag recently claimed. But — and here’s where some man-hating feminists almost get it right — it is powerful, and exciting, and it does have a flip-side if not properly respected. At its best, male competitiveness is the driving force behind most of society’s progress. We would be nowhere without the patriarchy, from the internet and space travel to the road under your feet and the roof on your house. That same thing also drives men to stop cowardly mass shooters. In short, they inspire courage.

Source: Breitbart



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