Operation Jade Helm 15: A Breakdown Of Circulating Theories

5 Walmart Supercenters Close Simultaneously

Secret Tunnels Created By WalMart and the Feds


5 Walmart Supercenters closed their doors for 6 months this past Monday abruptly and without warning to its managers or employees. Over 2,000 people were laid off across stores in Florida, Texas, California and Oklahoma. The officially released statement for these closings cites ‘plumbing issues.’

The flimsy excuse of plumbing problems was quickly invalidated by the public for several reasons:

– The astronomically high improbability that 5 stores would all come down with the same urgent plumbing problems at the same time and all needing the same amount of time to repair.

– There is hardly ever such an emergency needing to close down an entire store for 6 months, especially one that doesn´t have much plumbing to begin with. Walmart isn’t a high-rise hotel.

– Employees report Walmart will stay open come hell or high water. The mega corporation certainly wouldn’t lose such enormous profits, some state in the neighborhood of $100 million, over some bad toilets.

– If there was some sort of catastrophic problem with the structure of a building, you would need permits to facilitate the repairs. To date no permits for any store has been filed with any county.

It’s obvious that the given narrative is a falsehood. Many are quick to point out that most of these closures are happening in the cities where Jade Helm 15 will be carried out, leading to speculation about what could an unprecedented military drill across 9 states have to do with Walmart closings.

One theory is that they will be used as detention facilities or FEMA processing centers or FEMA headquarters upon great civil unrest:

Walmart operates over 4,000 stores in the US, with over 3,000 of them being “supercenters,” meaning stores that offer food, a pharmacy and are generally  much larger than regular Walmarts. Walmart supercenters are considered the largest supermarket chain in the US.

Not only are these stores located in states recently in the news for the aforementioned reasons, but all the Walmarts that “abruptly” announced these closures, laying off hundreds of employees, are supercenters, and all stating the issue causing them to close for the same “six month” period was “plumbing.”

According to ABC Action News, “none of the five affected stores have sought any plumbing permits for future repairs.”

Via an email forwarded to ANP, we see that in the opinion of one former military man, “Walmart’s are outfitted with extensive communications, communications that are identical from store to store and even country to country,” stating he believes “the primary purpose for Walmart’s, similar stores and malls will be for supply depots for military and initial staging area for local civilians to be processed (clothes ID’s etc.), then moved to sanctuary’s/FEMA camps after processing.” He continues on to point out “the deliveryentrances and storage are already set up.”

Another forwarded email shows the concern some US citizens are feeling from recent events:

Closing THAT MANY stores for 6 months, coincidentally during Jade Helm sets off more alarm bells that one can possibly imagine. IF these stores are being refitted to such an enormous extent, one must wonder just WHAT they are being refitted for? Just plumbing? That’s a WHOLE LOT of plumbing! What would require that much plumbing?


Detention centers? Processing centers? Centralized and controlled distribution centers? What ever the case, closing that many of the country’s main food distribution stores will almost certainly cause scarcity for consumers, regardless of real food availability. This almost HAS to be martial law.Perhaps it is related to the planned financial collapse. What ever really is up…SOMETHING IS UP!..
Source: allnewspipeline.com

UPDATE 4/20/15: In support of the theory that Walmarts will serve as distribution centers, the man in this video claims to knowledge of a backdoor logistics program within the Walmart system whereas the miltary can order supplies – and that Walmarts, Home Depots and other major chains have been strategically worldwide to serve as outposts:


Yet another theory has popped up that has heads buzzing. It was over an official project that stretches back 10 years ago between Walmart and the feds to create underground facilities and large inter-connecting tunnels in an event such as a nuclear strike.

The Walmarts that are closing are not within the sphere of what was made public regarding these underground facilities, but if the theory is correct, one can assume that this network of tunnels already exists or is being created or finalized within these 5 Supercenters.

walmart tunnels

The Official Wal-Mart Tunnels of Paulding County Investigation

NSA Department of Defense MiB CIA Department of Homeland Security Congressional Intelligence Committees

In order to further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of it’s citizens in case of nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, a join venture of the NSA, DOD, MiB, DHS, CICs, DFCS, and BK has been created in order to create an expansive tunnel system throughout the south. These tunnels will also serve as conduits for national defense to rapidly move troops, supplies, and armor throughout the nation between strategic topographical locations. A map of the believed military and government installations affected and connected by this tunnel system:

Paulding County, Georgia, is said to be the central location of the project. Yorkville, Georgia is to be a terminus of sorts for the hubs in: 


Anniston, AL
Raleigh-Durham, NC
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC
Macon, GA
Lookout Mountain, TN
Lockheed Martin in Marietta, GA

Wal-Mart’s involvement in the project has not yet been officially commented on, but it is generally percieved that Wal-Marts in these areas are staging areas for the tunnel project.

It is to be noted that this project is under a great deal of scrutiny by those who live near the ongoing construction project. Analysts do not believe the project will be available for public use, and will not be publicly acknowledged (rumors of usage by NASA for it’s installation in Huntsville, AL have been found to be true).


Local Web Forum of Paulding County’s discussion of the ongoing construction
Official Department of Defense website
National Security Agency website
George Noory and Art Bell (who are also following tunnel developments)
Wal-Mart’s website

Source: oocities.org

Could these tunnels, with a Supercenter turned headquarters, be used to disappear dissidents or be used by the feds to move troops, supplies and weaponry around as the Liberty Beacon suggests?

An entire slew of mysterious deaths surround Jade Helm 15 state Wal-Marts where at least 4 decomposing bodies have been found within a month‘s period of time in Texas and Oklahoma in at least 5 different incidents. The latest case getting mainstream media attention from this Daily Mail story shares of a Colorado father of five who ‘disappeared’ after spending $300 at a southern California Wal-Mart. With so many mysterious deaths surrounding Jade Helm 15 states Wal-Marts in only the last month, we’re offered a ‘conspiratorial’ look into a mysterious Wal-Mart tunnel system detailed below that lead us to ask if these tunnel systems will soon be used to ‘quickly make people disappear out of public eye’, to never be seen again, giving ‘black sites’ a whole new meaning as the ‘red list’ is taken underground? ‘If they check you in, can you ever leave?’

With Wal-Marts in several Jade Helm 15 states mysteriously closing for at least 6 months, the mystery gets deeper as we learn of anunderground Wal-Mart tunnel system project launched along with theDepartment of Homeland Securityand NSA involving hundreds of stores and the creation of a system of underground tunnels throughout thecountry to ‘further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of its’ citizens in case of nuclear, biological or chemical attacks.’

We also learn here that the joint-venture tunnels will serve as conduits for national defense to rapidly move troops, supplies and armor throughout the nation between strategic locations in the southern portions of America. We can also imagine that if and when gun confiscations take place, human cattle will likely be moved through these tunnels.

One theory I’ve heard time and time again in the years I’ve been following this Marxist takeover and infiltration of our country is that Russian and Chinese troops are already on American soil ready to take on the American populace as a UN plan of disarming our nation.

We have indeed seen an unprecedented exercise by Chinese troops on our soil. Other long-followed radio hosts, polical commentators, former military and state troopers have come forward stating that they have first hand or have sources that have seen Russian troops within our borders, even working for DHS:

Obama Is Disarming NATO in Advance of the Coming Russian Attack

tanks from germany coming to USAccording to Stars and Stripes, on March 18, 2014, nearly two dozen M-1 Abrams tanks were loaded onto a train headed for the docks in Bremerhaven, Germany. The tanks were subsequently shipped to South Carolina Two German-based U.S. Army brigades were just inactivated, as another, the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade at Grafenwöhr is currently being disbanded. The door is opening for a Putin invasion of Europe.

Obama’s Martial Law Plans

Obama is planning to suspend the Posse Comitatus Act and deploy these tanks, along with the 2,700 armored vehicles already purchased by the Department of Homeland Security on U.S. soil when he finally declares martial law.

Missing Russian Soldier in Detroit Leads to a Multi-Agency Manhunt

A mystery recently took place in Detroit that has the feel of a potential false-flag event unfolding as someone who claimed to be a Russian soldier, talking in a heavy Russian accent and claiming to be a Lieutenant in the Russian Army. The Russian soldier disappeared after calling police on a satellite telephone to say that he’d been kidnapped and had been stabbed and was losing a lot of blood. The video showed that both the Border Patrol and Detroit police were conducting a search for a Russian soldier ‘missing’ in America?

One of the more disturbing aspects of the news report centered around the fact that the location of the Russian was traced to the proximity of a major power plant. What is it with the Russians and the Chinese that so many of their domestic activities center around American energy? Former Green Beret, John Moore, says that a dozen Russian commandos could disable all utilities to a major city.

Reports from Tennessee and Kentucky

Then there is Sherrie Wilcox of Knoxville,TN. Sherrie has seen and photographed DHS armored vehicles back in March with Russian soldiers manning the vehicles in eastern Tennessee and Western Kentucky. The following video details how Russians are training in DHS vehicles.

I have reports from hundreds of citizens from around the country who have sighted Russian soldiers in places as innocuous as at a Walmart in Houston and Russian troops training with American soldiers in the Victorville, CA. area.
Julie Telegenhoff, the owner of the popular Facebook site, A Sheep No More, sent me a video of Russian troops in California. Mark Stephens, a Marine corps veteran sent me reports of Russian troops operating in and around Twenty Nine Palms, California.

Russians In Alaska and Tennessee

The Russians are continuing to come into the country under a bilateral agreement with FEMA, they are here and they have been here for a long time .The extra-constitutional “agreements”(that means illegal agreements), between Russia and FEMA were inked late last spring in Washington, D.C., at the fourth annual meeting of the illegally created U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations. This extra-governmental organization, formed under the Obama administration, is one of almost two dozen similar “working groups” bringing together top U.S. and Russian officials. These two bodies are cooperating on everything from the drug war and agriculture to terror, science, “rule of law” (could that be code for martial law?), health, environment, energy, nuclear issues, education, culture, media, business, arms control, and more, according to the U.S. State Department. The Senate has not ratified any of the international deals, as required by the Constitution of the United States. And as such, this is an illegal agreement. However, this is not just an illegal agreement, IT CONSTITUTES TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

The agreement calls for Russian troops to engage in policing activities at American public events on American soil. And we are seeing the same thing at the Army base at Fort Carson, Colorado where Russian soldiers are training at the local base and are engaged in local policing activities.

According to the locals who have contacted me, the Russians walk freely in Alaskan cities in full view of the residents.

The people are afraid of these sighted Russian troops. The Russians keep to themselves and don’t interact with the locals. Since I first wrote about this, I have been contacted by people in Fairbanks, Juneau and the outlying northern areas with similar reports. Most of the people who have contacted me are too cowardly to allow me to cowardly to use their names, but people like Dr. Susan Helman of Gatlinburg, TN., are not afraid.
Dr. Helman was on my talk show several weeks ago and reported on young Russians (20′s and 30′s) who live in Russian enclaves in her town and do not interact with the locals, yet they speak perfect English and unlike most immigrant groups, there are no English speaking stragglers. In other words, these young Russians are plants and are being pre-positioned for assignment when the time is right. Things are so bad in Helman’s town, that she sees unmarked helicopters landing on the grass adjacent to her home which borders a golf course. Recently, the golf course suspended all golf related activities. However, there is still activity at the golf course.
I have over a 100 emails from eyewitness accounts of Russian troop sightings on American soil.

Source: thecommonsenseshow.com

If indeed these accounts are true, and we have tens or hundreds of thousands of Russian and/or Chinese troops in our soil, then perhaps we should not be concerned with who might be sent into these Walmart tunnel networks, but who might be coming out of them.

UPDATE 4/20/15: Exclusive footage of what is happening inside one of these closed Walmarts. The windows have been blacked out, cops are surrounding the place and shelving is placed to not permit people to see what is happening in the center of the store:

UPDATE 6/4/15: Leaked footage inside closed Walmart, Drone Footage of Closed Walmart with Razor Wire

A FEMA Processing Facility? Leaked video from inside closed Walmart:

Drone footage of closed Cincinnati Walmart now has razor wire roof:


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