One Parent’s Hilarious and Brilliant Common Core Takedown

A man in Ohio  decided to “put his money where his mouth is” in Common Core terms.

Take a look at this check made out to the local school. It’s made out in “common core math.” So, if Millridge Elementary school wants to cash it, it’s going to have to explain to the bank cashier how it works (talk about an exercise in futility.) They may as well tear it up now.

The Washington Post recently ran a story about Ohio’s “confusing” Common Core standards that illustrates the issues with the program.

After giving students an online test in math and English language arts, it turned out that only one-third were “proficient” in the subjects; the Common Core standards were subsequently lowered so that it appeared that 65 percent were “proficient.”

Source: IJReview

New meaning to the term “Ignorance is Bliss”

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