Old Glory is No Where to be Found at the DNC

Controversy at the Democratic National Convention?  Say it isn't so!  When Dems get together, there will always be controversy, count on it!

One obvious issue is the fact there are no American flags to be found on the convention floor or stage.  It is not shocking really as one reflects on the fact that the Dems protesting Trump rallies where stepping on Old Glory and flying Mexican flags instead.  Certainly, there must be a patriotic body in the midst of thousands?

Best selling author and filmmaker of the recent movie, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” Dinesh D’Souza is in attendance, and has used the opportunity to give his followers an inside look into goings on at the event.

Many have noticed that there are little to no America flags present at the convention. It appears that isn’t the only sign that patriotism may be absent among Democrats at the event.

D’Souza took a selfie of himself standing in front of a teleprompter at the convention, showing the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. D’Souza wrote in a tweet, “Hilarious! The Dems have to put the words of the Pledge of Allegiance on the TelePrompTer.”

Others at the convention made note of the particular emphasis put on the end of the pledge, as many screamed, “with liberty and justice FOR ALL! FOR ALL!” This would appear to follow one of the themes of the convention, which is America is a country of rampant injustice.

Source: Western Journalism 



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