Oktoberfest Attendance Falls by 400,000. Guess Why?

As the 16-day event wrapped up in the southern city of Munich, Oktoberfest chief Josef Schmid told reporters that the event had 400,000 fewer visitors attend this year's festival. The total fell to 5.9 million revellers, the lowest level since 2009.

Schmid said the checks at the frontier to manage a record migrant influx had likely also kept some tourists from neighboring countries from travelling to Munich, national news agency DPA reported.

And those always business adherent Germans noted the toll: Beer consumption fell as well, to 7.3 million litres (1.9 million gallons), or 400,000 large glass mugs fewer than in 2014.

Local authorities were at pains to keep beer-drinking partygoers and Islamic refugees apart, particularly at Munich's main railway station where some 20,000 Syrian invaders arrived on each of the first two weekends of September.

Source: Drudge

Police said Sunday their efforts had been successful, after many Muslim mobs were picked up at the border and put on buses and trains to other regions of Germany.

Taking them to other parts of the country is not a “Successful” move.

“No disturbances were reported” between Islamists and revelers, they said in a statement.

Overwhelmed by a record alien influx, and seeking to register foreigners as they enter the country, Germany temporarily reintroduced border controls.

As a result, German rail operator Deutsche Bahn suspended key services to and from Austria and Hungary.

Europe's top economy is expecting to receive up to one million Islamists this year, five times more than in 2014. That is an invasion!

Although Oktoberfest began 205 years ago, this year marked the 182nd edition as the party was cancelled during two world wars, two cholera outbreaks, Napoleon's invasion of Bavaria and the hyperinflation of the 1920s. The Islamists will probably shut it down permanently within the next year, being in violation of Sharia Law.




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