OK Townhall Constituents: Obama Should Be Executed

OK Townhall Constituents: Obama Should Be Executed

Video from a Townhall meeting in Republican Jim Bridenstine’s Oklahoma district reveals shows the level of frustration and anger  felt by ordinary Americans toward President Obama.

One lady, for example, said there needs to be changes in the Senate so “we can impeach the S-O-B.”

Said another: “He’s not president as far as I’m concerned. … Should be executed. He’s an enemy combatant.”

She complained that Congress is doing nothing, and that “allows this moron to make decisions.”

“He has no authority. None.”

Congressman Bridenstine has been documenting Obama’s “lawlessness.” because, as he says in the video, “He picks and chooses which laws to enforce or not enforce. He does it by decree. … He uses foreign bodies. He uses the United Nations.”

Source: WND



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