Ohio Judge Bans Mentioning Of The Constitution In Her Court

Judge Barber laughed out loud at Vaduva's claim.

Vaduva purposefully violated the anti-panhandling ordinance in order to challenge its constitutionality in court.  Xenia's city employees have quite a history of convicted criminal activities – perhaps Vaduva suspected he would also be challenging a completely corrupt court as well.

About a month ago, Virgil Vaduva, a journalist and editor of The Greene County Herald purposefully stood in front of the Xenia police station in an attempt to raise awareness about the constitutionality of the city’s anti-panhandling law.

Vaduva recorded a video of his encounters with local people, many choosing to make a donation to a local charity in town as a result of his actions.  Vaduva was cited by the Xenia police for “panhandling” which is a fourth degree misdemeanor.

The City of Xenia is known for questionable or outright criminal activities committed by city employees.  Former city prosecutor Craig W. Saunders was permanently disbarred by the Ohio Supreme Court after stealing more than $40,000 from an estate entrusted to be managed by him.  Two city council members also are currently under fire for conflict of interest after investing into a business venture in which they voted on as council members.  The current city prosecutor, Ronald Lewis was charged with tax evasion in late 2014. All the charges against him were dismissed after he claimed that he “forgot” to file and that it was “an honest mistake.”  The city judge ordered all evidence to be struck from the record.

As a result of his “panhandling” Vaduva raised about $42 which was donated to a local charity helping the homeless and those in need.

A jury trial for Vaduva is scheduled for March 26th at 8:30 AM at the Xenia Municipal Court.




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