Oh SNAP! New Work Requirements Results in More Volunteers

If you don't work, you don't eat and Mississippi is making this statement a reality for SNAP recipients.  In this dismal economy, many are out of work or underemployed and just scraping by, so a temporary help up is what a program like SNAP is for, yet when Obama took office, he did away with many of the Clintonian era welfare reforms meant to get people off the dole and back to work.

Today, in Mississippi, if you are receiving food stamps, you must be working or volunteering at least 20 hours a week to keep one's benefits, or qualify for the program.

One volunteer a Feed My Sheep was more than willing to work to keep this food stamps.

“I'm not as much focused on consequences of a politician's decision or a policy change,” said Fayard. “I'm more focused on my reality and my stance right now, and I'm actually just trying to get by day to day.”

Other volunteers also started in hopes of keeping their benefits, while at the same time enjoying having a job to do.

“Really, it's more of a job opportunity to help you get out into the job world, and being up here helps you out a lot,” said volunteer Sharon House.

“As tough as it may be, if I've got to do it, I can't let anything stop me or get in my way. I have goals, I have dreams, it's life,” said Percy.

Because of the rampant abuse tied to food stamps, where recipients were using them at “casinos, strip clubs, massage or tattoo parlors”, states began to take back control and rewinding the clock to pre-Obama era policies.

Kansas was one of the first states to reverse that in 2013.

“I believe most Americans and most Kansans think it's common sense,” said Andrew Wiens of the Kansas Department for Children & Families. “These are able-bodied adults without dependents. They don't have children in the home. They're not elderly, they're not disabled. These folks should be working.”

Since Kansas reinstated work rules, food stamp rolls 
dropped by 20,000 and the incomes of those who left increased by 127 percent, Wiens said.

Mississippi, along with numerous other states believe that able-bodied people should be working to qualify for food stamps.  Sitting at home and collecting one's meal ticket is no longer allowed in the Magnolia State.

Source: AZ Family  Fox News





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